Letters to the Editor

A view of American racism

I have lived for many years in Europe, but am now living in Belleville. I am writing an article to be published in Europe concerning racism in America. I find the letters to the editor from Roddy, Leon and Lori to be excellent sources for background information on this issue but a recent letter from John Bauer has been particularly instructive.

Mr. Bauer pointed out that Michael Brown is not a hero and I would agree. He was instead an unarmed, tragic, black young man who behaved stupidly and according to Bauer deserved to die at the hands of an armed white cop who was totally justified in killing him.

Furthermore Bauer asserts that:”There was no racism here.” Apparently Mr. Bauer believes that racism no longer exists in American society. In a blatant act of racism, after Brown was murdered the Ferguson police, showing no regard for his mother or family, let his body lie in the street for over four hours on a hot summer day.

Sadly, in my article I conclude that racism is alive and thriving in American society. In addition there are many Americans who believe that the police are totally justified in shooting and killing unarmed citizens even when they are engaged in minor infractions of the law such as traffic violations and thus it is OK for cops to act as judge, jury and executioner. Since I love my country I hate to see this happen.

Francis W. Reuterman