Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 9/7/15

Our readers react to the week’s news ...

Max punishment

Regarding parole board member Adam Monreal, throw his butt in jail. Give him the maximum penalty for lying to file a bankruptcy. And make him have to repay all the debts that were forgiven when he lied. Not only will this be a fair punishment for a parole board member, but it will also serve as a deterrent to petty anti politicians who decide they want to cheat.

Get with it

I'm really disgusted with the State of Illinois Parole Board. Plus, who investigated and approved the Chapter 7 for Adam Monreal? This is a perfect example of the corruption within the State of Illinois. Monreal needs to be prosecuted for fraud and his Chapter 7 reversed. Come on Illinois let's get with it. We know who the dead beat politicians are let's get serious and boot them out before it's too late for all of us.


I’m disappointed in myself for not coming up with a crackpot development idea since Belleville is giving away millions of dollars for this. The latest idea to continue to overfund the projected development across from the Shrine at Our Lady of the Snows just staggers me. They are going to build four hotels? Why stop there, why not claim you are going to build 10 hotels? Doesn’t matter, you are not on a major interstate, you’ve got the beautiful site of Alorton just a few thousand yards away from you. Why do you think people will come there? Maybe for the shrine but they already have a motel. As far as the soccer field development, just in case the folks in Belleville didn’t notice this, O’Fallon has already done this.


If Gov. Rauner wants to save money for taxpayers, get rid of TIF. How inappropriate that he was photographed in front of Eckert’s who received a million dollars in TIF funds.

Steel workers

In order to compete with the world-class steel mills, Granite City Steel needs to be modernized to produce their products with only 900 steel workers. The 1,100 workers losing their jobs is dwarfed by the number of jobs being lost in the metropolitan St. Louis area by fabricators leaving our area because of the high cost of steel from the local mill. A world-class steel mill in Granite City will be able to compete with any steel mill anywhere.


If St. Clair County is going to sue the state of Illinois over non-payment of funds for the past 30 days, I’m waiting for St. Clair County to sue East St. Louis, Washington Park, Cahokia, and Centerville for not filing their TIF reports annually. Considering most of that money is coming from St. Clair County general fund. Why wouldn’t they do that first? That would be a logical find for some funds.

Dollar count

Has anyone counted the number of dollars that have been poured into the City of East St. Louis from the beginning of the year? And now another million dollar grant to pave a road that eventually dead ends. When will the foolishness stop?


Many area taxpayers are disgusted by the ESTL political circus. To register your displeasure, boycott the Casino Queen, let emperor Parks work another miracle with less revenue.

Who’s paying?

Going to pay my real estate taxes and I read on the back that I am paying social security taxes for three other St. Clair districts: SWIC District, O’Fallon District 90 and O’Fallon H.S. District 203. Does this mean you are paying social security for the workers?

Tuition bubble

Since 2008 most Americans have understood financial bubbles. Well, the next one to burst may be the college tuition bubble. The University of Illinois, supposedly a tax supported institution, now costs $141,360 for a four-year engineering degree. That’s $35,340 per year. When we factor in the tax money that the people of Illinois pay as the public money cushion for every student, we are probably running a $60,000 a year public school. Unfortunately for the U of I and us, fewer students can afford this.


The University of Illinois, what a joke. Our tax dollars supporting a coach who was fired, top administrators who don’t know how to use email. There must be something wrong with the State of Illinois to let the school carry on the way it does. I am embarrassed to be a resident of the state of Illinois.

Fed up

With all the consternation around the upcoming presidential primary, with the corrupt politicians it looks like everyone is feed up. They are only talking about making a change to the presidential election by possibly an outsider. If you want change in Washington get rid of your Senators and Representatives, especially in Illinois, vote them out. Career no good politicians. Get rid of them and get your country back.

Comments upset

As a taxpayer resident of Belleville, I’m disappointed about the comments Mayor Eckert has made over the appointment of Michael Hagberg to Belleville Township Board. It’s obvious from previous actions that Michael Hagberg is not welcome anywhere in Belleville government, which is alarming in itself. If the mayor wanted to protect the seat then why did he disband the Good Government Party? He only has himself to blame.


I can’t believe you had an article about the lack of mental healthcare in hospitals and left Memorial out of the equation. They closed their behavioral health unit 13 years ago because a patient wrecked his room. They would rather spend money on a waterfall than rehabbing a patient room.

Watch for kids

It would be nice if Shiloh police would patrol the subdivisions within the city for children in grade school who use the public streets for their electronic motor cycles, scooters, go carts and cars for their playground. If we hit a child it’s our fault. But for those who have to go down the end of the cul-de-sac on Powell. It’s a challenge and something needs to be done. Dodging children is not fun, there is something wrong with putting children in a dangerous position by parents who don’t seem to care.


I request the police set up by Family Video on Lebanon Road between 7:45 and 8:30. I’m sure they could give a lot of tickets because people use the middle turn lane as a speedway. One of these days there will be a bad accident. Please monitor that area.

City violations

Out of curiosity I drove down Green Ridge Heights Road off of Lincoln Trail in Fairview Heights. I read it had 12 homes, recently concreted and curbed, at a cost of over $600,000, I was impressed with the beautiful road. What I couldn’t understand was the old abandoned bus and the many cars at the one house on this street. I also observed a basketball goal on the street. I can’t understand the city going to the extent of this major improvement and then allow violations to the city laws remain. Nice streets alone don’t improve the city. Making residents responsible for their junk does.

Heroin treatment

I finished listening to comments by State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly. He’s advocating that the governor go ahead and approve funding for the treatment of heroin addicts. His opinion seems hypocritical and out of balance, because the legal society has been advocating that they back off punishment for these heroin dealers. Come down on the addicts and let them rot, but if you are going to treat them, then come down on the people selling the stuff.


About the state giving out grant money for city parks. Guess our legislatures have never been to their own state parks to see how terrible their parks are. And maybe the money could be better spent upgrading the state parks so everyone can enjoy instead of a specific group of people.

Can’t do that

St. Clair County Board member Jerry Dinges is hauling trash with dealer plates on his truck. As a retired dealer you cannot do that. You cannot use dealer plates for anything like that. I bet you he is in violation a whole bunch of times.

Proud airman

I received a call from my senior airman first class grandson, and he said, “Grandma, guess who I was privileged to meet today at Allison Airbase in Alaska?”. I replied, “Did you get the president’s autograph?” The president shook hands with everyone and asked what each of the airmen did and my grandson replied “I make sure the landing area is safe and clean for planes to land.” The president replied, “Thank you for making it safe for our plane to land.” It was a happy moment for a young airman from Mascoutah and he felt honored.

Who is right?

I don’t know about this new pope. Isn’t he supposed to not error in matters of faith and morality? That’s what I was taught in Catholic schools. Now he’s saying forgive women for having abortions. Does that mean he is wrong or all the popes before him that said abortion is a sin are wrong?

Sidewalk tables

The taxpayers of Belleville would like to know how much those businesses that put tables on Belleville’s sidewalks pay the city and who owns the tables. Is anyone allowed to sit at these tables on public sidewalks?