Letters to the Editor

Reichert is wrong

Joseph Reichert: it’s Phil not Paul. I cited my source for welfare spending, the 2014 House Budget Committee Report. I never mentioned East St. Louis, you did. I wrote the welfare system has broken up black and white families that penalize having a father in the household and taking away some benefits. Read my letter again.

I also mentioned the war on drugs as another causation. As for trade, look at your Apple iPhone, which is a “liberal company” and you’ll see it’s made in China. President Clinton signed NAFTA and President Obama signed a free trade act for the Pacific Rim. Trade is a policy voted by Congress and signed by Republican and Democrat presidents. You wrote I was a lock-step conservative, but in past letters I criticized President Bush for the Iraq War and his deficit spending.

According to nationalbudgetpriorities.com, a combined 58 percent of the 2014 federal budget is spent on “Medicare and health, Social Security, welfare and unemployment assistance.” The next-highest category is the Department of Defense at 17 percent. Space does not permit explaining spending on Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Income but the Social Security Administration states Social Security spending is the highest percentage of the federal budget.

I served my country for 30 years — airman basic to lieutenant colonel — and I volunteer in this country and in two organizations to help military veterans find jobs. Now who is making assumptions?

Phil Henning