Letters to the Editor

Mismanagement at Illinois

Again liberal, elite, upper management at the University of Illinois has accepted a “resignation.” This time Provist Ilesanmi Adesida, but he’s really still here. He hasn’t resigned at all. In fact, he’s still being paid close to $300,000. Again, what kind of insanity is going on here?

Then, the same tough senior management bunch really, really “fired” Coach Beckman. It’s about time. But, for the wrong reasons. I was never a Beckman fan, he was not a good football coach, way in over his head. But, why was he fired by the tough U of I management? He made these poor student athletes play with a “boo-boo.” How pathetic and weak is the liberal, elite Illinois administration, top to bottom.

This is enough to make Red Grange, John Bardeen and Ray Nitschke roll over in their graves. Who could blame them? A once-proud, prestigious academic and athletic institution has been reduced to a shadow of itself academically and athletically by individuals unable to manage even themselves. Phyllis Rice, Adesida, Mike Thomas and Tim Killeen, only worked in a government or university environment.

Time to clean house. Time for Gov. Rauner to fully replace U of I’s Board of Regents. Bad managers at the top lead to bad performance by those being hired and managed. Clearly Killeen and Thomas are not up to the task and must be replaced but, also, we must replace those who brought these bad managers on board.

Jay R. Brown