Letters to the Editor

New development

I hesitate to submit another letter so soon and especially on the subject of Planned Parenthood, but a new development warrants it.

It seems that in the videos that the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress took of Planned Parenthood people, CMP did some very creative editing, according to an article in the magazine, The Nation.

I acknowledge that The Nation is part of the liberal information silo (just as the magazine National Review is part of the conservative silo), but the story comes from a non-partisan firm Fusion GPS. Their analysts found 42 instances of manipulation and deceptively editing to support their political agenda.

If the Republicans hold a congressional hearing on federal funding for Planned Parenthood, CMP might be required to provide the original videos. That would expose how they doctored them to support their defunding position.

The majority of the general public would support Planned Parenthood funding, and they have other concerns. As the Cajun Guru James Carvill said some time ago, “It’s the economy stupid.”

Ray Hollmann

Fairview Heights