Letters to the Editor

College tuition

The problem with college tuition increases is the college does not have to ask the voters for a rate increase the way grade school districts do. If your elementary school wants more money or the high school wants more money they have to put it on the ballot for the local election and the voters decide. I’m not sure why colleges don’t have to follow that process.

I went to a board meeting for the local junior college and there weren’t but a handful of people at that meeting. I’ll be attending them regularly in the future. By attending these meetings and speaking out about tuition increases we can maybe shame these people into stopping, or we can threaten to vote them out of office. But it begins with knowing who is on the board and having voters in the seats at those meetings.

Complaining about tuition increases when it is time to write the check is too late and not the appropriate time anyway. Those board meetings have a public speaking period before the meeting and they must post the agenda beforehand so you can know ahead of time if they intend to vote on the issue. So watch the school board of trustee’s web-site or the office door and the next time they say they are going to vote on the issue of tuition get a bunch of your friends down there and act like tuition paying college student financial lives matter.

Brad Sewell