Letters to the Editor

The ‘W-man’

Hopefully, regular readers of this forum will understand the following.

I don’t know how anyone can believe in the “W-man.” I have never seen any positive evidence that he actually exists. I think some people with great imaginations at the Belleville News-Democrat created a comic book-like imaginary character to generate interest in the “Letters” section of the paper. They gave this fictional person the name Jim Walters.

No real person could actually believe this beautiful and finely-tuned planet and universe along with the incredible array of living beings and creatures all came into existence on their own. The W-man can’t be real because no real person could be so biased an uninformed. No actual human could detest his fellow humans since so many of them perform loving acts toward other humans. Unbelievably, at the same time, this make-believe W-man is crazy about animals even though they routinely eat other animals out in their natural habitat.

I suppose there are a few delusional people who actually believe the W-man does indeed exist but I’m sure his most ardent believers have doubts at times whether or not he truly exists. How can a person believe the W-man is real when his BND character is based on superstition and myths?

Stu Leach