Letters to the Editor

Amend the 14th

As many debate the pros and cons of illegal immigration, we, as a country, should amend the 14th amendment to stop the practice of giving citizenship to children born here by illegals.

As many Americans don’t know all the facts associated with the practice of birth tourism which produces anchor babies, birth tourism is a thriving business in Los Angeles. An estimated 60,000 children were born in 2014 in California alone. The majority of these 60,000 were born to Chinese nationals born on American soil. The estimated total for the United States is 340,000 to 400,000 anchor babies born every year in the U.S.

The birthright citizenship is costing our country billions. Some 4 million have been born here since 2010 and approximately 71 percent of these children have received some type of government assistance while only 39 percent of children with legal parents collected assistance. Isn’t it time that we, as Americans, focus on our children’s future first? Amend the 14th.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights