Letters to the Editor

Obama’s plan

Illegal immigration has been out of control for decades, but it is soon to get much worse if Obama and his gang of eight senators rush through bill SB 744. Currently the cost of the illegal immigrants to American taxpayers is approximately $114 billion per year. The average cost to each American is currently $1,117.

Senate Bill 744 will give 11 million illegals a work permit. But it doesn’t stop there. SB 744 will also give 22 million work permits to foreign citizens. Thirty-three million illegals getting work permits, driving down wages, taking potential jobs from American citizens, taking away your children’s future. This will then cost American citizens $22,000 per year, also tax an additional $.30 per gallon on fuel, and an extra $10 per month on every cell phone bill in America.

Obama’s plan will further jeopardize Social Security retirement benefits for American citizens and undoubtedly be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back and the camel of course being your Social Security retirement. If one thinks it is hard to get a job now, how hard will it be when you and your children are in the line behind 33 million others?

PS: you know how this works. It is like this; pass it and we will see what’s in it. Thanks Nancy. Remember when Obama said you could keep your doctor? His next line will be pass it and you can keep your job. Thanks, Obama.

Kevin Sheridan

Fairview Heights