Letters to the Editor

Careful with carts

While this isn’t on a par with all the other things in the news, I would like to thank the middle-aged, rather rotund white lady who was so lazy she couldn’t walk eight feet to put her empty shopping cart into the rack with other shopping carts. You exited the Schnuck’s store in Carlyle Plaza at approximately 2:20 p.m. on Sept. 2. Since you couldn’t get your rotund butt in motion to push the cart you used just a matter of one parking spot away from your car, you have cost me $400 to fix the dent and scratch you made in my brand new car.

My insurance deductible doesn’t cover the cost of the repairs to my car nor the cost of the rental car I will most certainly require because you are a lazy so-and-so. But, should this letter ring a bell, I want you to know that my insurance company is seeking to review any security cameras in said parking lot.

While this may seem trivial to many, $400 to a person on a fixed income is quite a dent. I’ve witnessed too many people just leave their empty shopping cart anywhere they like instead of walking a few steps to put it in one of the several racks placed in the parking lot. Those shopping carts can cause considerable damage to other vehicles. It’s beyond me why some people are so inconsiderate of others.

Steve Quinn