Letters to the Editor

Heavenly discussion

Gene Robke of Carlyle arrives at the security checkpoint prior to entering the Gates of Heaven and is met by St. Cheney of Wyoming.

“So, Gene, I see you are here, let’s discuss a couple of things. So you believe George Bush is responsible for death, destruction, famine and pestilence?”

“As a matter of fact, I do,” Gene replies. “I believe all of the world’s problems are because of his eight-year reign of terror, including the fact my car wouldn’t start one cold winter morning.”

“Very well,” replies St. Cheney. “So to be clear, you believe George Bush is the devil and should reside in Hell?”

“Why yes, that would be just,” replies Gene.

“Well, you leave me no choice,” says St. Cheney. “I believe you are so firm in your beliefs and I believe in Redemption that I’m sending you to Hell to work alongside George in hopes you can rehabilitate his reputation. It’s getting cold up here so you’ll need to work extra hard stoking the furnaces down there. By the way, Gene of Carlyle, there are snowballs in Hell.”

Phil Henning