Letters to the Editor

Retiree pensions

Gene Robke continues to live in the past with his “Tax Reform Needed” letter blaming Bush and Edgar for the current unsustainable fiscal condition of Illinois. Gene seems to think taxing Illinois retirees’ pensions would solve all the state’s pension and debt problems.

This is 2015, Gene, and the state of Illinois is in desperate fiscal shape. My question for you is, what have your tax and spend Democrats been doing for the past 10 or more years? Not much, since Illinois’ debt has been rising, even with the temporary demarcating state tax increase, which the Democrats managed to spend but not reduce debt.

The Democrats certainly have no constitution to fix Illinois’ deficit spending problem or the failed pension system. Like you, they play the blame game while claiming ignorance of the dire shape the state is in. Each election cycle, the Democrats roll out more spending promises to buy votes, regardless of the fact they know there isn’t any money.

Gene, you want to know why the state of Illinois is losing jobs? Corporations and people have been fleeing the dying state for years, in hopes of avoiding the consequences of the coming fiscal meltdown. The one good thing the state of Illinois does for their hardworking retirees is not taxing their pensions. Take away that benefit, and you will have even more people fleeing Illinois.

Pete Hill