Letters to the Editor

Poor judgment

The East St. Louis councilmen and woman showed poor judgment to appoint the ex-mayor as the city manager. Alvin Parks violated the citizens’ trust and failed to protect their safety, ultimately endangering their lives. Also, Parks’ poor judgment with hiring a police chief twice, a deputy liquor commissioner and other personnel resulted in their being convicted with public corruption. His lack of management caused the loss of two city government agencies, the Community Development Block Grant/HUD and the Housing Authority.

At the April 5 election, citizens voiced their discontent by overwhelmingly electing Emeka Jackson-Hicks who promised to support the will of the people, providing transparency and accountability. It is unfortunate that within four months as mayor, her administration and efforts has been derailed by the city council. Since the citizens voted against Alvin Parks as mayor, he should in no way be the city manager. Parks’ misbehavior as mayor should disqualify him from holding the highest office of the city.

The duties of the municipal manager position, according to the Illinois State Statutes, (65 ILCS 5/5-3-7) (from Ch. 24, par. 5-3-7) Sec. 5-3-7, shall be the administrative head of the municipal government who shall be responsible for the efficient administration of all departments within the municipality. With that being said, citizens should call State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly, asking for enforcement with Parks resignation based on his poor performance and judgment as mayor of East St. Louis is warranted.

Dorothy Joshway

East St. Louis