Letters to the Editor

Help the women

Regarding a recent picture of a 3-year-old Syrian boy drowning, this is a horrible, terrible thing that this poor young boy died. I pray for his soul and his family.

I wonder, however, why people find it OK to show the picture of his dead body to bring awareness, but when I posted a picture of an aborted baby to show the horrific reality of abortion, Facebook takes it down. Seriously, the death of this poor little boy is horrendous, and we must help these people fleeing Syria, but it is more horrific that minute by minute in our country babies are ripped limb from limb, murdering them through abortion.

How can any civilized society allow this? For any readers of this who are pro-choice, I challenge you to actually watch videos of abortions and tell me you still think it is OK. There is a very simple way for those who want to avoid pregnancy ... abstain. If a young woman finds herself in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy, society must do everything they can to help her through the tough time — financially and emotionally — either to help her raise her child or give the child to a loving family who would adore the baby.

No woman should ever be put in the position that she feels she needs to kill her child. Please pray and help all women in this difficult time. Love them and help them.

Debbi Thomas