Letters to the Editor

Social progress

My generation has seen more technologic progress than any other generation in our history. I wish that the same were true of our social progress. The two have become inversely proportional. America may not survive another two generations without major changes in the ways that we interact.

Our senses of right and wrong are drowning in endless banter and narcissism. Lest our founding fathers continue spinning in their graves, America needs to double down on educating its citizens on the contents of our Constitution. Thereafter, we must go the extra mile to insure that the Constitution is followed to the letter and spirit.

Two of the more prominent problems we face today are gun ownership by the emotionally disturbed and state-sponsored voter disenfranchisement. Both sides of the issues stand at loggerheads when a common solution is right before our eyes.

It is pure folly to have constitutionally guaranteed privileges without having direct federal oversight and enforcement. Some governance currently ceded to the states can no longer be left to rogue demagoguery that seethes therein. If we are to guarantee firearm ownership only to the mentally fit, and if we are to guarantee citizens’ federally mandated voting rights without encumbrances, we will have to stop talking about it and start proactively doing something about it, loggerheads aside.

Authorizations for both legal gun ownership and the legal right to vote should be the responsibility of our Federal Government, including background checks and electronically secure photo IDs for each.

Richard Yesley

New Athens