Letters to the Editor

$38 million in tax incentives

Belleville East/West Superintendent District 201, Jeff Dosier, you have inherited part of a sinking ship. I am not going to criticize you, but your predecessor and other superintendents of the metro-east five counties.

First of all, they have all overwhelmingly supported tax increment financing, the prevailing wage, and the latest $38 million in tax incentives. Property owners don’t have any voice concerning them, but you superintendents do have a voice, because you are the largest recipients of property taxes. Stop your whining and do what’s right.

Secondly, over the past two decades, schools have spent more tax dollars on brick, mortar and steel than on education, and have sold perfectly good buildings and campuses for as little as $1. Yet you fault the property owner for not doing more. We can’t, and many are moving out.

Schools cannot exist without families. Giving incentives to retail-type businesses won’t fill the classroom, but will empty them.

The power is in your hands. Use it wisely.

James E. Saffel Sr.