Letters to the Editor

Ignored warnings

As the 14th anniversary of the worst attack, ever, on the United States just passed, we should never forget the circumstances that allowed this attack to occur and who was supposed to keep us safe.

In February 2001, the Bush administration began to map out Iraq’s oil fields. Their eyes already were on Iraq. Clinton administration Nation Security holdovers, Richard Clarke and Sandy Berger began to pick up warnings of terrorist attacks in June 2001. The Bush team was oblivious to it, as they were concentrating on Star Wars. They thought the Clinton holdovers were obsessed with terrorism.

When Clarke told Condi Rice that her biggest concern as National Security Advisor would be al-Qaida and terrorism, she didn’t seem to know who al-Qaida was and didn’t care. Clarke suggested a meeting on terrorism. It was ignored until Sept. 4.

Six different warnings were ignored, including the Aug. 6 daily briefing titled, “Bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.” Bush was on a five-week vacation in Crawford, Texas. The CIA sent a man to advise the president about the briefing. Bush was cutting brush. When he finished advising the president, Bush said, “Alright, you’ve covered your a..,” and then continued to cut brush.

I truly believe they wanted an attack to justify a way into Iraq. Bush was on vacation 96 days before the attack and was nowhere near the White House when the attack occurred.

Gene Robke.