Letters to the Editor

Religious tolerance

As a conservative member of the United Church of Christ, I feel that the federal judge in Kentucky is forcing his religious beliefs upon the county clerk by throwing her in jail for her religious beliefs.

The Kaiser in Prussia in 1813 united the Reformed and Lutheran Churches for personal reasons and the government supported Kaiser’s church. This resulted in some of the Lutherans leaving for America because the Kaiser’s church was not strict enough.

We must be tolerant enough to permit residents of all penal institutions the right to have clergy of their choice perform religious services for them and give them the sacraments. Also we must be tolerant enough to permit juries to include United States citizens who believe that God is the only one who can punish. Government employees including the military must be given the right, even if it affects their jobs, to practice their personal religious beliefs. I worked for a government unit which was majority Jewish. When the Jewish holidays came, the non-Jews did all of the work in respect of our Jewish co-workers.

I have been discriminated against in the past because of my religious beliefs by my former employer. I would forgive them for what they did to me since Jesus said to forgive those who do you wrong. I am a member of the United Church of Christ but follow the teachings of the Bible and the Evangelical Catechism since I was confirmed in the Evangelical Church.

David H. Koch