Letters to the Editor

Trump’s statements

For some time now, I have been trying to determine who are these 26 percent of Republicans who want Trump as our next president. I have come to the conclusion that many of them are those who are frustrated by their place in “life” because they did not properly prepare themselves for the work and skill demanded of “the real world.” They now are eager to believe that a bombastic buffoon can make it all right and solve their self-inflicted problems.

The “26 percent” also consists of a few relatively well-educated persons who are upset with the strictures of “political correctness” and the continued deadlock in Washington, D.C. They therefore gravitate to a self-made billionaire who they believe can solve the nation’s problems with business efficiency.

Trump is proving every day, by his outlandish statements and braggadocio comments, that he has little or no knowledge of what it takes to be successful in a situation that requires compromise and negotiating skills. Also, when dealing with foreign powers, we cannot impose our will and requirements in a bombastic way.

I recently Googled Trump statements and there is a wealth of information that can be found. I highly recommend that all concerned citizens take the time to review his outlandish exaggerations and preposterous hyperbole. I believe any individual who decides to run for president must be held accountable for their statements, past and present, on issues of national importance, and those statements cannot be dismissed as exaggerations.

Lee R. Pitzer