Letters to the Editor


I think it’s a pretty good bet that Francis Reuterman’s conclusions for the article he is writing were determined well before he began any research, assuming that there was research. Every credible witness and all the forensic evidence proved that Michael Brown was killed while attacking a police officer. There was no racism involved.

If a 6-foot-5, 300-pound criminal had just robbed a convenience store and was struggling with a cop trying to get his gun, it doesn’t matter what race that criminal is. The “blatant act of racism” Reuterman found in the police letting the body lie in the street had more to do with completing a thorough investigation than anything else. That, too, was evident in the reports on the incident.

Another thing, when John Bauer wrote, “There was no racism here,” he undoubtedly meant that racism wasn’t a part of the shooting. Reuterman’s first clue would be the use of the word “was” instead of the word “is,” past tense being the shooting as opposed to present tense being the country in general. Maybe all the time Reuterman has spent in Europe dulled his ability to discern the nuances of the English language.

Of course racism exists in this country of over 300 million people but it is nowhere near as bad as it once was and it’s getting better by the day.

Reuterman’s vision of racism in this country is clouded by his own racism.

Gary Duff