Letters to the Editor

Get ready

Get ready to see the ISIS flag flying over the White House. Are you proud of it? When they said it, we went into denial and the White House did a good job of selling that to you, because how could something so small defeat the United States.

ISIS said they were going to send 10,000 refugees to Europe to bankrupt them. Look what’s happening. The U.S. announced they will take in 10,000.

Josh Earnst, the White House spokesman, said people misunderstood Secretary Kerry — not 100,000 refugees.

My question would be, are they anchor refugees (they can all bring in all of their relatives and be citizens)?

Over 90 percent will receive food stamps, Medicare and cash payments. This is why, even though Saudi Arabia offered to build 500 mosques, the refugees refused to go there, no free stuff except mosques.

How does Obama plan to stay in office? Very easy. When there is no money for things, people begin to riot, and people beg Obama to calm things, until a Moolah can be elected president, and Shria law can be established to control things.

They are already on the doorsteps to Rome. The Pope is here for help if ISIS invades Rome. When Obama refuses to do anything, will we have another Boer rebellion? Live free or die will be out motto.

John Schrand