Letters to the Editor

What happened to civility?

I’m writing to address the tone of letters written to this paper. I am a cradle Catholic, and while I admit that I do not agree with everything the church says, I do agree with the teaching that we are created in God’s own image. To me, that everyone: white, black, Latino, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, atheist, gay straight, transgender.

If you don’t believe me, there are plenty of biblical references. Just Google the term “image and likeness of God.” Everyone is equal and loved in God’s eyes. I ask, where is the love among people today? I truly believe it is almost non-existent.

I remember the first few days after 9/11 people were actually kind to each other. They said “hello,” held doors and filled churches. Shortly thereafter, it all ended, and we were back to our old patterns. It’s a sad commentary on society.

Finally, I want to address the level of hate directed toward the man in the White House. I only have theories as to where it originates. What has happened to civility and respect? Do people really have that much hate in their hearts? Hate is unhealthy. It eats away at a person. It can even cause health problems. These were just a couple of my random thoughts. You can take them or leave them. God bless.

Kevin Wilson