Letters to the Editor

Student housing

I am still laughing at McKendree University Professor Melanie Jenkins’ comments about Lindenwood’s students causing her problems. Her McKendree students are causing the residents of Lebanon the same problems that Lindenwood is causing her. I guess that does not concern her.

Lebanon has also not inspected single family residences and apartments used for student housing in the past while forcing all other landlords to comply. They have also never inspected the schools dorms, at least not on a regular basis. When the fire department asked the state fire marshal about this they were told to leave McKendree alone. Funny how the rules some how don’t apply to everyone.

When a catastrophe happens at one of these colleges that have not been properly inspected, everyone will be sued and you can bet that the schools will throw the cities under the bus and say that they don’t know why the city did not inspect them.

Ron Trame