Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 9/21/15

Our readers react to the week’s news ...

Be grateful

First, Belleville spends thousands of dollars insisting St. Elizabeth’s Hospital not move to O’Fallon. Now they are insisting that Lindenwood University monitor the number of residents that can live in homes that their former neighbors sold to Lindenwood for student housing. Belleville residents, Belleville is no longer the city of the 1960s, when what they wanted is what they got. Be grateful that Lindenwood is here.


From the results of the last Belleville City Hall meeting, it’s evident that Lindenwood University is above the law and they don’t have to follow Belleville zoning and other regulations. They think they can do whatever they want, they made that quite clear Tuesday.


Lindenwood’s explosive growth enhances Belleville’s profile, beyond a historical bedroom suburb. Town and gown collaborations are commonplace throughout the nation. College towns are extremely desirable living environment. Let the energy and excitement of an educational institution, take Belleville to the next level.

Good presence

I’ve been a long-time resident of Belleville and seen good things and bad things happen to our town. One of the best is the acquisition of Belleville West High School for the Lindenwood University and making us a college town. I live in the west end and their presence has uplifted the whole part of the city. The students I have met are as well behaved as they can be. I have some living next door. If you show them a welcoming hand, they will reciprocate.


I got hit in the face with a piece of cheap bubble gum that the union members were throwing out at people. Found out the candy is made in Mexico. The unions complain about jobs moving out of the country, you think they would be smart enough to hand out made in America products.


I am enjoying Ben Carson being in the race for President. When friends come up with a negative comment, or say they don’t like him, I get to do what they have been doing for the last six years: I get to call them a racist. They can’t dislike him because of his political views, background or what he says, it must because of the color of his skin.

Good use

Every once, in a while Jim Walters comes out with a good statement. Friday’s was brilliant. ‘Why do we sacrifice innocent animals for medical experiments, while there are deserving specimens still in prison we can use?’ Brilliant Jim, I agree with you — put these thugs in prison to good use.

Safe location

I’m commenting about Belleville wanting to build soccer parks and hotels near the Shrine. It makes no sense to build something that nice so close to a high-rate crime area. A couple more miles down Illinois 15 at Frank Scott is certainly more desirable and safer than the Shrine location.


Where are all the flags for the 9-11 anniversary in Highland?


I’m calling about downtown Belleville on South Illinois Street and the fairgrounds: there are more homeless people staggering about. It’s scary to go down near that area. These people are frightening. I wish there was something the city of Belleville could do about it.

New low

The Village of Cahokia administration has stooped to a new low: Mayor McCall or this Richard Duncan, village clerk, or administrator that works for the village, they forgot that today was 9-11. They did not lower the flags at half-staff as ordered by the governor. This administration has slapped the face of the military and those who lost their lives and loved ones in this disaster.

Sen. Haine

At least Sen. Bill Haine of Madison County has got the intestinal fortitude to push for a new death penalty. At least he sees the reality of the situation. Why are we feeding and housing this trash for years on end, which have no redeemable qualities? These people were not a benefit to society before they committed their crimes and certainly not after they have been convicted.

Fence rows

I’m calling about the fence rows in Cahokia: they remind be of the hedge rows of France during WWII. They grow and grow and grow. Call and complain, nobody does anything about it.

Help needed

I do feel sorry for the Syrian refugees fleeing their country. We can’t we take care of our own people. We already have a problem with the homeless and kids going hungry in this country. Our veterans are suffering and need help. We need to help our own first.


Well now the Illinois lottery can’t pay, but they can still sell. So I can run a raffle and not pay? I am sure the state’s attorney won’t arrest me or have me hauled off to jail, right? First if the money had been placed in the education fund like it was supposed to be and not in the general, maybe the tickets could be paid. No, you politicians just set back and stole the money. The State of Illinois is in the hole for billions and needs to get its finances straight.


Once the Syrian refugees are in the U.S. will they be able to bring their relatives over like the illegal aliens?


I read we are naturalizing 36,000 immigrants a week; maybe we should add another requirement to becoming a U.S. citizen, that they can't be receiving welfare or other public assistance and certify that you have not used fraudulent identification documentation for any purposes within the U.S., with the penalty for lying being of loss of citizenship, a large fine and immediate deportation of you and any dependents.


Last February ISIS told the world exactly how they were going to conquer Europe and they said they would flood it with refugees. That is exactly what they are doing.

McCoy cartoon

I wanted to say Glen McCoy hit the nail on the head on Sunday. The cartoon with Clinton leading the parade, it even included Nancy, it was wonderful.


I was amazed at what some people did to the little autistic boy riding the elevator at the mall Saturday. He was being watched and supervised. All he said was hello to people and when he reached the top said thank you. This is one activity he can get excited about with his condition. Whoever was so mean to him, you know who you are. Have a little compassion.

Law change

The county clerk in Kentucky took her job when gay marriage was not legal, then the law changed. I don’t agree with the county clerk but the law changed on her, it did not change on the flight attendant who refused to serve alcohol.


Concerning the officer convicted of assault: Why was the other officer who was present in the video never mentioned in the article? He saw what was going on and does not appear to try to stop it or call it in. Also an investigation needs to go into what he is looking for, something specific to try and get this police officer caught. I think some detective work needs to be done. Seems like Brendan Kelly messed up.

Spot on

James Staffel’s letter in Wednesday’s paper, concerning the $38 million in tax incentives, was spot on with a couple of additions. He needs to include the elementary school superintendents, as well as the school boards that play these games and also manipulate bonds in order to say ‘yeah, it’s a win-win now because we have more money to spend’, and then you pay for it for another 30 years. It’s ridiculous.


I read recently read in the BND that U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin had paid a one-hour visit to Lincoln Middle School in ESL. While there he gave a pep talk to a special class of behavioral, attendance, and grade challenged students. His comments included mentioning that he was born and raised in ESL and that he went on to be a U.S. senator for 19 years. I wonder if the students could really relate. Maybe Durbin should just stay in Washington and send real role models like Jackie Joyner Kersee in to do the motivating.

Colin Powell

Michael Sweeney says Colin Powell is the only one we can trust when it comes to deciding if the Iran deal is good or bad. I ask Mr. Sweeney, is this the same Colin Powell that went before the UN and said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and paved the path way for us to go into a war with them?


So Belleville alderman Janet Schmidt filed bankruptcy on her city utility bills but now draws a city paycheck and Mayor Mark Eckert, in his infinite wisdom, chose her to be on the finance committee. She can’t manage her own money but Eckert thinks she should handle our tax dollars.


Sept. 11, Patriot’s Day, one of the most tragic, life-changing days in our nation’s history. A day our country remembers the thousands of innocent lives that were lost and our freedom was threatened. So, why on this sacred day was the US flag flying at full staff in front of Freeburg Community High School until 2 p.m.? Don’t the administrators at this school have an obligation to teach our students by way of example?


The rich nation of Saudi Arabia refuses to accept Muslim refugees from Syria but offers to build 200 mosques for them in Germany. Sounds like a “velvet” invasion to me.


The U.S. is already admitting about 250,000 Muslim immigrants/refugees a year; why should we take more? Some of these people turn around and attempt terrorism or try to motivate others to join ISIS.


The USA is being asked to accept some of the Muslim refugees flooding into Europe. We already take in (and pay to support) more than 250,000 a year. The UN says 70 percent of the refugees are military-aged men (20 to 30 years old). Shouldn't they be fighting for their country? We shouldn't take any more but if we do, we should only take in families with children with mothers over childbearing age and settle them in cities with significant existing Muslim populations or settle them in our senators’ hometowns.

More needed

I’m tired of hearing poor communities saying they need more educational resources; the BND reported they have high chronic truancy rates, if they won’t attend, won’t study, won’t do their homework, what would throwing more money away do?