Letters to the Editor

Carly Fiorina is guilty of disparaging remark, too

Donald Trump recently made an unflattering remark about Carly Fiorina’s facial appearance. During the second Republican presidential debate, Fiorina was asked to respond to Trump’s barb. Fiorina offered a somewhat catty retort which many felt was well measured and appropriate. Based upon her overall debate performance and her response to Trump, a number of pundits believe Fiorina will probably begin a dramatic rise in her popularity within her Republican constituency.

Before we begin cheering Fiorina too loudly, maybe another bit of information should be considered. In a hot mic incident during her 2010 attempt to unseat California Sen. Barbara Boxer, it seems Ms. Fiorina made a disparaging remark about Boxer’s hair. Ms. Fiorina, therefore, is not averse to making petty comments about the appearance of her political opponents.

If Carly Fiorona was really worthy of making some kind of rocket-driven ascension to the top of the Republican heap, she would have perhaps said: “Well, I myself have made untoward comments about the physical appearance of my political opponents. Based upon my own past behavior, I think I’ll just give Mr. Trump a pass on this one.”

Chris Tabing, Coulterville