Letters to the Editor


The absurd incident involving Irving, Texas student Ahmed Mohamed should cause Americans to take a long look at what is happening in America. Sanity and leadership have eroded, particularly in education and law enforcement. Ahmed is a 14-year-old kid who built a digital clock out of electronic junk and took it to school to show his teachers. But instead of the praise Ahmed expected, teachers freaked and called the cops.

Since the Sept. 11 incident of 2001, our feckless political leaders have encouraged Americans to fear everything; in particular, people of dissimilar skin color and those who speak a different language. Ahmed has a “foreign” name and dark skin, so school authorities naturally assumed that he had a bomb when he came to school with his homemade clock. It had wires, a circuit board and stuff. It was probably a bomb … you know?

School officials called the cops. Responding police officers concurred with the bomb craziness. What followed was a “Who’s On First” comedy act featuring teachers and cops playing themselves — unfortunately. No explosives were present but the “device” looked like it might be a bomb, so, to save face, the professional Texas educators suspended Ahmed from school for three days.

If this abject craziness keeps up, real terrorists won’t need to invade America. Sane people will leave the country in droves and America will be little more than a giant looney bin surrounded by a Trump wall.

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, Mo.