Letters to the Editor

Death of Capitalism

We are witnessing the death of the most successful economic system created by God to benefit mankind, one that has benefited more people in America and around the world than any other. The socialist/liberal government planners backed up with the full force of the Catholic Church leadership will result in the death of capitalism.

Historically there have been many economic systems, all but capitalism have failed miserably; capitalism is the only truly moral system. It is the epitome of individualism; all others are collectivism where we are tethered to society where you have no control over your future.

America’s extraordinary success in prosperity that has benefited millions of the poor around the world could only have been achieved under capitalism. Are you willing to defend capitalism?

In reality, we are no longer a capitalist nation; we are a mixture of capitalism and socialism, with a little fascism thrown in, (EPA, OSHA etc.). Socialism will result eventually in the takers outnumbering the givers.

The use of guilt is their weapon of choice. You will hear it disguised as “it’s not fair,” echoing through the halls of the United Nations and Congress shortly.

With the Catholic Church leadership providing the extra ammunition needed to bring America to her knees, the system created by God will fail, and the failure will be heard around the world.

Lee Harris, Swansea