Letters to the Editor


I am responding to Andrew Colon’s reaction to my letter on racism to the News-Democrat. I am not out to prove that racism exists in America. I don’t have to prove anything since there is ample evidence that there is still a great deal of racism in American society. Since I love my country, I wish that racism no longer existed here, but I am not going to bury my head in the sand and pretend that racism no longer exists in American society. Furthermore, I don’t need to tell “gullible Europeans” anything about racial tensions in American society since these issues are covered extensively in their mass media.

I agree with Mr. Colon that Mike Brown was not a model citizen and that he behaved badly, foolishly and irresponsibly. However, I disagree that he deserved the death penalty for what he did. Maybe I am being a bit utopian but I assume that a mature, trained, professional, 6-foot-4, police officer when confronted by an immature, unarmed teenager behaving stupidly would have the presence of mind to use his gun sparingly, but if he felt the need to use his gun that he would shoot to wound and not to kill. Was Officer Wilson in such imminent danger of death that he needed to shoot this dumb, unarmed teenager six times including a head shot? Apparently Mr. Colon feels that the officer should shoot to kill.

Francis W. Reuterman, Belleville