Letters to the Editor

Law enforcement

Every time a crime is committed, especially murders, the cry by the liberals — who should be defenders of the Constitution — is more gun controls. But there is a strange anomaly about the shootings. Virtually none of them were done by an NRA member. Maybe the NRA should be the one who authorizes a purchase, not the government.

In addition, most the guns were not purchased legally, especially in Illinois. It’s pretty hard to find a legal gun dealer who does not ask to see your NRA membership as well as an FOID card. So, while they don’t register the guns, they do register the gun owners who buy and use legally. So what do you think is the obvious question? I think it is, why doesn’t law enforcement, from local to ATF, check for guns being purchased and held illegally?

If you are stopped by police for speeding, or suspicion of DUI or for possession of marijuana, they search the car. And you. Why don’t they do that routinely for guns? When someone is stopped or arrested for another factor, why not check to see if they have a gun, and an FOID (in Illinois). You need one to buy any firearm anywhere, including gun shows and pawn shops. Seems pretty simple to me. Why not? Like drugs, they can then retain the “evidence” more or less permanently. It’s just enforcement of current law that is needed.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville