Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 10/5/15


I’m calling regarding the appointment of Calvin Dye to run for Coroner when Rick Stone retires. Although Mr. Dye sounds highly qualified, he is too old for the job. It’s a very stressful job. I just would like to know why the Democrats didn’t run Assistant Coroner Danny Haskenhoff, who has been running the coroners’ office during Stone’s absence for years.

Rick Stone

I heard Rick Stone is retiring as coroner. I’d like to know what Mr. Stone intends to do with the campaign money that he raised the last Wednesday in August, over at Cutter’s. Does he intend to donate that to the new candidate replacing him or will he put it in his pockets, like the other politicians do? How about it Rick, what do you intend to do with all the money you raised Aug. 26 at Cutters?


So what if the teachers in East St. Louis strike? Will anyone really notice the difference? Test scores in District 189 are so low, I’ve got to believe the teachers simply are not teaching. And, by the way, aren’t they already the highest-paid teachers in Southern Illinois? They have a lot of nerve asking for more money when they simply are not doing their jobs.


If the pope is so worried about all the illegal immigrants coming to the United States, maybe he could take them back with him. He could sell some of the jewelry and gold the church has and then he could be able to support them.


I think the question as to what would Jesus do and what would Jesus say, have been pretty well answered by the pope’s visit this week. If anyone questions the sincerity and humbleness, the desire to serve, I don’t understand it, and for that matter, that includes our bishop who clearly is not getting the message.

Poor people

The pope is preaching give to the poor, give to the poor. He acts like being poor is something new. People were poor back in Jesus’ time — wasn’t Jesus poor? I think the bible says the poor will always be with us. There are poor people, and there will always be poor people. And there are people wanting handouts, and there will always be people wanting handouts. It’s nothing new.


This beleaguered planet has approximately 7 billion people. My job has taken me to Mexico, South America, and Africa, where millions are living and dying in poverty, where the overpopulation is causing premature death and environmental disasters. Pope Benedict once said mankind’s insoluble consumption is scarring our planet. Instead of bashing Planned Parenthood, this world desperately needs some form of humane birth control. I’m not urging abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger.


If it’s OK to kill an unborn baby, although completely developed, why is it not legal to kill one that has been born and grown up to be a lousy human being, committed many crimes and other evils? They are both human life. Think about that one.

Tea Party

I believe the Tea Party should be deemed an enemy of the state. To join it, you must be white, Christian, heterosexual and you must love guns — all others need not apply.

Cleaned up

I was wondering who the people were that were standing on the corner of route 4 and 140 entering Marine. They were holding signs with open milk jugs, and their signs read: “Save our Children.” I don’t know what organization that is. I don’t mind giving to the Lions Club or veterans. I bet somebody cleaned up this morning before the cops ran them off.


Every weekend no matter what intersection, no matter what store we are bombarded by “beggars:” The Elks, Shriners, Special Olympics, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church Youth Groups, and various other organizations either just asking for money or trying to sell us unwanted Boy Scout popcorn or Girl Scout cookies. If you walk past and say no thank you the parents give you a dirty look. If you give a little change they throw you a tootsie roll and give you a “have a nice day.”


Belleville needs someone financially knowledgeable, not someone who worked for a funeral parlor, running the city. Besides all of the other incentives they handed out to individuals, like Eckert’s TIF, and $38 million to Keller’s family for the Illinois 15 complex TIF, use our tax money to pay the bills, not hand it out to others. If each of the 102 counties in Illinois only had one city and that was given $38 million in tax incentives, that would $3.876 billion we could save.

Open up

Why doesn’t the pope open up all those buildings he has and let the refugees come there?


Will the Speaker of the House go from Twiddle Dee to Twindle Dumb nothing gets done?


Does Mayor Eckert and the councilmen really think they have the right to let Lindenwood, skirt the housing standard? We are talking about off-campus housing here, not the dorms where Lindenwood would have direct supervision. When will all other city landlords be allowed a variance of properties of many more unrelated people living in one place?


I guess the lady that lives in the 2000 block of West A that keeps complaining about the college students that live around her would rather have a bunch of dilapidated houses around her instead.


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the solution to SWIC’s declining student problem. With the addition of on campus dorms, the SIUE campus took off and flourished as a true university. As pointed out in a recent BND article 93 percent of freshmen and 56 percent of transfer students live in student housing at McKendree. Take a drive down West Main in Belleville and you can see how the addition of housing has helped Lindenwood achieve its ever growing numbers. With all these examples it’s easy to see why SWIC needs to add student housing on campus.


I’m calling about Mascoutah’s water company here. They are putting too much chlorine in the water. It is a bleach, gas and disinfectant. And we have to drink it.


My vote for the worst library in the world goes to O’Fallon’s library. Screaming children, children running all over the library, adults talking at full volume, including the librarians, wi-fi that is down more than it is up and copy machines that the librarians have no idea how to maintain. Second for noise goes to Fairview Heights with librarians screaming at the top of their voice.


According to Cahokia lawyer Bob Sprague, it is alright for the village clerk to break the Illinois State Constitution by lowering his pay to have his wife employed. Personally I think Mayor McCall, Bob Sprague anyone who broke this law should be arrested, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They know they broke it yet they are shoving it in the faces of the Cahokia voters.


I really don’t understand how St. Clair County can blow off the $900,000 settlement to the teen being improperly charged by the unprofessional morons in the sheriff’s department. Since most will be covered by insurance — paid for by the taxpayers — and their cost will only go up. Also, why do the people involved with this foul-up still have a job? In the real world they would be fired but, I forgot, this is St. Clair County.


Do you think that if you were morbidly obese and the doctor said it was very bad for you that you would stop eating essential food products and go on bread and water, because you knew you had to lose weight? I don’t think so. That is what Gov. Rauner is doing to the State of Illinois. Yes, we have a budget crisis. And, yes, things have to be cut and, yes, its right to not raise taxes. But when you are cutting essential services for people who are of little consequence, and not the big vote-getters and not taxpayers, then you are cutting their lives. I think your choices in budget cuts have been totally wrong.


More obnoxious noise coming from St. Louis Parks Cahokia Airport, now we have military-style jets taking on and off. If this were my yard, I would be arrested for a noise ordinance. But I guess because Bi-State owns it, they are above the law and they don’t have to follow the rules. People you are abusing your rights and I am sick and tired of the noise. Do the right thing and buy us out around St. Louis Gardens.


Why is the law abiding public of our nation required to save people who have tried not once, not twice, but multiple times to kill themselves with heroin overdoses? People know that heroin kills. If they choose to take the heroin, they know there is a good possibility they will die. Why should I and other law abiding citizens have to keep bringing them back to life? Now there is a drug, that can be injected that can save people and it’s very expensive. Somebody wants to take heroin, they need to take the consequences of taking it. And that includes possible death.


I applaud and support the End Violence in St. Louis programs that have been advertised and the signs posted in yards to stop killing each other by concerned citizens. That will only work if black on black crime stops. There a few victims that are white, Asian, Hispanic, Middle-Eastern and Bosnian etc. But most are black. Until that changes and stops or slows down, the homicide rate will continue to rise.


With all the bad news that you read in the paper, there were two articles recently that brought a smile to my face: The resignation of a local-long time county coroner and a long-time high school baseball coach. Both resignations long overdue, in my opinion.