Letters to the Editor


I am more than confused by Lee Harris’ letter on capitalism and the Catholic Church. I don’t think he understands either.

The church, regardless of the teaching of sharing taught by Christ, is the same in every Christian church, and has never taught one way as the best or only way to be both a Catholic and an American.

The United States began despite interference from England over and over, to operate under the principal of “The Invisible Hand” as taught by Adam Smith. It acknowledges that individuals tend to operate in their own self-interest, not to save others or promote the general welfare. But in doing so when they create a company, as shown by Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Bill Gates, they create many jobs simply as a result of their success.

They began, not to help others, but “The Invisible Hand” created jobs anyway. The downside in today’s world are those who make money betting on who will win and who will lose in the stock market. Those who produce nothing, like Carl Icahn, become wealthy by cannibalizing a company, causing lost jobs while selling off the parts.

It is even worse when foreign investors make the choices. That is why, as Theodore Roosevelt knew, the government has to step in to protect those who create and stop those that destroy through greed.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville