Letters to the Editor

Laws and guns

Remember the Louisiana theater shooting back in July? (Wailing sounds.) If only they had had a law on the books that prohibits insane people from owning a gun, the shooting would never have happened. What’s that you say, they do have such a law? Oh, OK.

Well then, maybe Louisiana should have gun-free zones; they should have a law that prohibits people form carrying weapons into places that ban them. What? They do have that law, too. Darn it, foiled again.

I heard some moron on the radio, after the shootings, lamenting on how in the future you will have to go through security screenings at movie theaters, similar to those at airports. Huh? Typical politically correct, feel-good jibberish from some stupid whine bag, gun-hating liberal.

Fact: you never see these supposedly “insane” people go into gun stores or gun shows where gun toting people might be present and start shooting innocent people do you? Which demonstrates to me that all of these so-called “insane people” are anything but. If you can reason that well, then you are sane. Case closed.

Once again, the answer is to allow law-abiding, licensed citizens to conceal carry anywhere and at any time. These people are screened, have undergone a background check, and have demonstrated their ability to use a handgun.

You don’t see NRA members, gun club members, nor licensed concealed carry citizens committing these atrocities, do you? ‘Nuff said.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland