Letters to the Editor

Social services adds to state’s livability

I recently read an article that asked, is Illinois in a recession?

The political environment here in Illinois is toxic right now and we are entering four months without a budget. Eventually people who leave will leave the poor, unfortunate folks who cannot afford to get out.

People do not want to live in a state that disregards the needs of its people. Illinois is losing its livability and that is bad for businesses and families. In addition, you are forcing a downsizing and closure of a lot of social service agencies and other agencies that serve the needs of the people. Contrary to popular belief, that sector adds to the livability score of an area and creates jobs and tax revenue.

Illinois is in a recession, a recession of cooperative spirit, common sense, respectability and honesty. There used to be a time when leaders cared more for the good of the whole than their own agendas. We are well past that point.

Lynn Jarman, Swansea