Letters to the Editor

Research falters on Planned Parenthood

After listening to a radio program on NPR on all of the misinformation involved in the tapes about Planned Parenthood, I got on my tablet to do a search on the topic.

What I found did not surprise me. The first seven sites were all conservative that promulgated the fractured facts of the videos. I had to slog past: Red State, Live Action News, the Federalist, Brietbnart, The Rebel Media, Info Wars, Life News (Catholic), before I got to a Washington Post article that described the affect of the videos on action in Congress.

Then came a general article on Illinois Abortion. But the next three sites — Conservative Tree House, AZcentral,and Weazel Zippers all continued to support the doctored videos. When I saw the next item to be from the Dallas News, I thought here comes another version from the right.

Instead, writer Sharon Grigsby took candidate Fiorino to task for not admitting on Good Morning America Sunday that the Planned Parenthood video she described in the debate does not exist.

Maybe I need to go to Fact Check.

Ray Hollmann, Fairview Heights