Letters to the Editor

Future news

Extra, extra. Future forecast: Obama will become the first president to win the Nobel Peace prize twice for the following reasons. (Note: parts of this was plagiarized from an old Glenn McCoy cartoon.)

1) Castro brothers butt snorkeling.

2) Iranian terrorist smoozing.

3) Muslim brotherhood cuddling.

4) Bowe Bergdahl pandering.

5) Mama Bergdahl (full body contact) 30 second squeezing, and liking it.

In unrelated news, Cuba will benefit from massive infusions of U.S. taxpayer cash, (to better assist the Castro brothers in their retirement). Full welfare benefits bestowed on all Cubans, because they have been “oppressed” by the U.S. for so long, with no requirement to live here in the U.S. Free Obama phones for everyone. Their entire infrastructure will be rebuilt, (by us,) while ours slowly degrades away.

Look for full immigration rights for any Cuban wishing to come here, with a full-ride college scholarship awaiting them. Face it, in Obummer’s future utopian society, we will desperately need more gardeners, pool boys, field workers, nannys, roofers and maids.

Look for a brand spanking new embassy to be erected, at at cost of billions, give or take, while some super wealthy political hack can become the Cuban ambassador. Car manufacturers are salivating over the prospect of thousands of automobiles being shipped over there, to replace all of their vintage 1950s cars. The U.S. taxpayer will probably pay for those, too. Don’t doubt me on this.

Roddy D. Riggs, Highland