Letters to the Editor

Not OK

The East coast was recently pummeled and deluged by a hurricane. In California, the drought has left a burned-out patch as big as the state of Delaware, with hundreds of homes burned to the ground. Campers and hikers, including people of religion on a trek, were swept away by a flash flood. Oh, it goes on, but that sets the stage.

If you are still doubtful about global warming, and disregarding the changes in the living and breeding patterns of sharks and whales and even sea otters, please try to not think that, since it has not been so bad in Illinois; things are overstated and actually fine.

The story of the man in Trenton with many Monarch butterflies gave me hope. But a visit to the state park near Carlyle produced only four individual sightings. Ask yourself this: Why were their so few locusts (cicada) shells found on trees this year? When did you see a butterfly this year? A bumblebee? When did you last see a crawfish hole on your land? Where were the bats in the evening? Purple Martins? When was the last time you saw a Brown Thrush?

The more or less complete loss of these tell you how nature is hurting. When the honey bees are totally gone, we will be importing our orange juice and most other crops will fail as well. Please recognize we have to do whatever we can as soon as possible. Things are not OK.

Joseph M. Reichert, Belleville