Letters to the Editor

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton’s recent CNN interview with Fareed Zakaria harkened back to an experience I had while an Air Force officer in 2001.

A general officer was guest speaker at a mentoring session I attended. His presentation included a large electronic briefing that featured all the bells and whistles of the time. The general was obviously enthused by the product, prefacing his comments with, “You could never afford a briefing like this.”

Likewise one has to wonder how CNN can afford a guest like that.

Bill Clinton has been a big draw on the global speaking circuit since he left office. He reportedly raked in $750,000 for a recent speaking engagement overseas. He fancies himself as the “Great Influencer in Chief” and has been very proficient in that regard.

Surely his CNN appearance, complete with a large Clinton Global Initiative logo in the background, is intended to support his better half’s drive for the presidency.

“You’ve got a friend at CNN,” would be music to Hillary’s ears. Hubby Bill’s bargain-priced appearance sure won’t hurt.

Bill makes a great front man for Hillary. In the CNN interview he held her current e-mail troubles in the same light as the intense media scrutiny she received during the 1990s Whitewater scandal. “I’ve never seen so much expended on so little,” he noted.

You’ve got to consider the source.

The Clintons know where all of each other’s skeletons are buried. Luckily, there’s always “spousal privilege” if they ever end up in court.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon