Letters to the Editor

District 189

Once again, District 189 teachers believe the current offer from the school board isn’t enough. The current proposal at hand is obviously a fair offer and will add $5 million debt to District 189. Despite a recommendation of approval by the unions president and executive council the union membership voted to reject this offer. The teachers have once again resorted to using students as pawns and have decided to strike causing the football program and the homecoming to be affected.

Teachers could have waited until December or January to strike, but they know they could get much more leverage out of their selfishness in the middle of football season. Having the children march and protest with them is disgraceful and petty.

A teacher’s average salary is $44,734 per year with some of the highest salaries at over $70,000 per year. To compound District 189 financial woes is the fact that 16 staff members are collecting over $80,000 per year with Superintendent Culver receiving $200,750. As one can plainly see that I did not use the term “earned.” How much is enough?

Kevin Sheridan, Fairview Heights