Letters to the Editor

East St. Louis

The East St. Louis monthly committee meeting with a standing room only crowd of citizens having hope for the city after electing a new mayor is diminishing back to a faithful few. The lack of attendance could be attributed to the three council members disrespecting the mayor and citizens by appointing their very own city manager.

Life More Abundantly is once again in power to assist politicians along with the company they keep. As property is abandoned, destroyed by thieves in the night and eventually torn down, the city manager has introduced a plan to the council creating a city-wide rehabilitation program for vacant and abandoned houses. The city manager wants to give $12,000 of TIF money to the purchaser of abandoned homes to rehab as rental property. Creating a rental property base will continue to blight the city instead of investing in home ownership as an incentive for citizens to move back into the city.

This rehab program can be used for some to stockpile cheap property with “free” money to rehab and doing nothing for improving the conditions of the city. City officials are incapable of providing citizens with the basics of cleanliness, adequate police protection and code enforcement. A comprehensive plan such as this would make living in the city more tolerable under the poorly managed government with highly paid city officials.

Dorothy Joshway, East St. Louis