Letters to the Editor

Gun laws

As usual, taking advantage of a tragedy, our president was at the White House podium even before the Oregon crime scene was cleared of the victims. Once again he rails about needing more gun laws. Had he waited 24 hours, he would have learned that the shooter, once again, was a disaffected young man who had failed in life. He was let go from Army basic training. He lived with his mother in a small apartment and had 13 weapons. He disliked “organized religion” and eyewitnesses stated he singled out Christians for execution.

Everything he did violated existing gun laws. Oregon statutes clearly outline their law on concealed carry. He violated that law in that he carried in a “gun free zone” which left victims defenseless and he knew that. We also know the shooter visited radical Islamists’ websites and was “fascinated” by other mass shootings. He was a loner and not gainfully employed.

The president ignores his adopted city, Chicago, which has had 2,720 murders since he took office. Yet Cook County has very strict gun laws and Illinois has very stringent procedures to legally obtain a “concealed carry license” and required a background check and a Firearms Owner’s ID Card to buy a weapon, ammunition and to shoot at a range. The president isn’t stupid, certainly he knows criminals do not have FOID and CCLs, they steal or buy weapons from shadow buyers. Aren’t there enough gun laws?

Phil Henning, Smithton