Letters to the Editor

Open Meetings Act

The Open Meeting Act states within six business days after an employee participates in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund approves a budget, that employer must post on its website the total compensation package of each employee having a total compensation package that exceeds $75,000 per year.

Director Barbara Rhodes of the Collinsville Mississippi Valley Library District has a salary of $72,550 plus health and dental $6,415. Estimated by using another local district contributions to the IMRF is $8,442, bringing the total package for Rhodes to $87,385. Her records also show 25 days of vacation and 12 days of sick leave. The act uses various forms of required transparency for different circumstances, but in the Rhodes case MVLD maintains a website and “the employer must post directions on the website on how to access the information.” This was not done resulting in a violation of the OMA. The director also violated the Freedom of Information Act while trying to sidestep the information received above.

Bob DesPain, Collinsville