Letters to the Editor

Biased officiating

A very disturbing event occurred this past weekend between rivals East St. Louis High School and Belleville West High School. It was the discriminating massacre of the East St. Louis football team by the so-called officials.

The penalties were blatantly conspicuous against East St. Louis.

Dean Criddle, of the News-Democrat, was obviously embarrassed at the number of penalties against East St. Louis, that he failed to mention the disparity of penalties between the two teams. He stated that East St. Louis was unofficially whistled for 23 penalties; included among these were at least six penalties of 15 yards.

Biased officiating against the East St. Louis team as been a continued practice. If it continues, eventually someone will lose control of their senses, then all hell will break out.

Hopefully, the Illinois High School Association will investigate this practice.

William Currie, Centreville