Letters to the Editor

Bush and 9/11

To Joseph Reichert: I looked Plame Affairs up — there is no indication that Bush had anything to do with 9/11. According to what I read, yes, there seemed to be possible signs, but those signs went through another person and they never reached Bush, so he didn’t ignore anything.

This person, Libby, was mentioned in it, and apparently was found guilty on several counts, including giving false statements, though Bush did commute his/her sentence, he/she still had to pay the fines.

So, with all arguments out there from Democrats about Bush having done 9/11, this doesn’t prove your point. I looked up on several government sites and, again, so evidence that Bush was guilty of anything.

One site goes through the whole account of the works of how 9/11 got started and what was involved with it. It was all Hussein wanting revenge on the U.S. and just wanting to kill Americans, nothing to indicate Bush had anything to do with it.

If you and the Democrats want to believe so badly that Bush was at fault for it, so be it, but maybe you should do further research on the matter first. Go to any government site and it will give you the full account. I would look it up and put on here for you, put can only do so much. So you will have to do it yourselves.

Lori Felts, Worden