Letters to the Editor

Mars Day

NASA recently stated that Mars once had an ocean on two-thirds of the planet and it was up to a mile deep. It was eliminated, as they say, by some catastrophic event — a “climate change” event.

So, my question is: What man-made or alien industries were there at the time that caused this humongous ocean to disappear? How many SUV’s were the Martians driving and how much fossil fuel was being produced to pollute Mother Mars until it destroyed the ocean?

Something has to be done. We need to establish “Mars Day,” coinciding with Earth Day, in order to save the planets and save the galaxy. Join now. Make your check out to: “I’m a Sucker” and send to: “Science for the Clueless,” Moron, USA or dial 1-888-BR549 and ask for Junior to contribute over the phone.

Thanks, and remember — in order to reduce CO2 emissions, stop breathing. Thanks and keep the faith.

Brent Rains, Collinsville