Letters to the Editor


To writer Joseph Fairbanks: I agree with him. It seems like Democrats are doing everything they can to have things their way, or the way Quinn would have done it if he had stayed.

Democrats are claiming that Rauner is doing his best to cause trouble for the middle class, but it seems like Michael Madigan is doing the same thing with tax hikes. He doesn’t say that the tax hikes are only for the rich, but for everyone to have to deal with — rich, middle class and poor.

Madigan is claiming Rauner’s budget plan hurts middle class, but his plan will put us deeper in debt. The Democrats’ plan goes $1 billion over what we can afford, they are asking for $4 billion for things. So how is Madigan’s plan better than Rauner’s?

I also don’t understand, with Rauner willing to go ahead and do tax hikes along with getting a few things he wants done, why Democrats aren’t willing to compromise with him. Do they believe that, no matter what, they should get all of what they want and to heck with what Republicans want? What is wrong with Democrats giving a little like Rauner has done? The longer this goes on, the more places will end up closing,to that point where soon there will be no place open because of Democrats not willing to work with Rauner and only wanting what they want, no matter what.

Lori Felts, Worden