Letters to the Editor

World War 3

The October 2015 surprise is Russian warplanes bombing in Syria. On Sept. 30, when Russianwar planes started bombing in Syria, the Bible prophecy of World War 3 started in the Holy Bible in the book of Ezekiel Chapter 38, 39. World War 3 has started in the Middle East for Putin. He doesn’t want Assad to fall in Syria.

Russia, Syria, Iran and the terrorists will attack Israel soon to fulfill the Bible prophecy of Ezekiel Chapter 38, 39. When Russia, Syria, Iran and the terrorists attack Israel, the God of Israel will win the battle and victory in Jesus. Israel is the God of Israel’s promised land and land of milk and honey. The God of Israel will not let Israel be defeated by any Gentile, Arabic or Muslim nations.

President Obama’s lie about crossing the red line in Syria has cost him a trap in Syria with Russia with World War 3.

Jesus showed me in 2006 of Israel nuking Damascus, Syria. This is the Bible prophecy in the Holy Bible in the book of Isaiah Chapter 17 being fulfilled.

I am weeping bitterly and wailing as I write, please turn your life over to Jesus the Savior and Messiah before it’s too late. The war drums are beating in the Middle East and you will see the nuclear mushroom cloud soon with your eyes.

George Culley, Pinckenyville