Letters to the Editor


Thank the Lord — John Shimkus finally has some real competition.

I have talked to Shimkus and know his background to some degree, and he is likeable enough. But as far as being active in bringing change to our national political system, he has done nothing. Like all of the other politicians he doesn’t talk about term limits, immigration, fiscal issues, etc. In regards to his serving, it is well documented that he backed off of his promise to not seek reelection except for a limited number of terms. He, like our state and other national political officials who were seduced after election by the falsely perceived belief they have power and are important, are actually unaccountable due to our election system, which encourages the status quo.

Additionally, none of these current “power brokers” have worked to change our system. U.S. Rep. Mike Bost is one of the few who has cried out for change, which worked to his benefit. Hopefully, and I believe it is likely, that Kyle McCarter, the competition for Shimkus, is also of the Bost mold. If not, and if McCarter and/or Bost fail to continue aggressively seeking for a restructuring of the Republican Party, they will be booted from office.

ajor change has to come to Washington, as both parties have led our country to the brink of failure. People in my community are actually very angry and are demanding change. By the way, what will the Shimkus retirement package give him?

William Barrett, Nashville