Letters to the Editor

Sound-off: 10/12/15

Our readers react to the week’s news ...


I’ve been going to the Chili Cook-Off in Belleville since it started. But this evening on Friday I witnessed children in strollers being terrorized by being pushed through the hordes of people crowding the streets. It took me 25 minutes to walk two blocks. I can’t imagine being pushed in a stroller, trying to get through the crowd. Parents, bring your kids in the afternoon when the crowds are not so massive. You and children would better enjoy it.


Does anyone think the Chili Cook-Off has outgrown Belleville? Waiting in line for 45 minutes to get beer tokens. Too crowded.


The poor veteran who was shot in the back by a thug after attending a Cardinal game — he goes off to war and comes back all right, goes to a Cardinal game and gets shot. Police are saying not enough money to patrol the streets. Bush Stadium brings in millions of dollars, you would think the stadium itself may be able to help pay for the extra patrolling that needs to be done. This is just a harvest for the low-life thieves.


Mark Eckert bragged about how the thousands of dollars given away to the Shrine development could lead to the city receiving $1 million a year. Maybe in tax revenue. I would have been impressed if he would use that money to reduce the taxes paid by the city of Belleville, but not likely that he or his “yes” men on the city of Council would ever consider doing something like that.

Yard sale

The yard sale that was on West Boulevard that was between Lebanon Avenue and East B Street Road was a total disaster. You had people parking up and down Green Mount Road on East B Street Road. You had idiots walking out in front of moving traffic. The subdivision higher-ups need to do something before next year. Someone will be seriously hurt or killed.


In regard to the editor’s comment on the editorial in Sunday’s paper, you are dogging out the union president because Mr. Culver showed some paperwork in the news and website that he is providing the lunches for the children. Common sense would tell you that children should not be involved in the middle of a strike. What if someone started a fight and the children would be in middle of it. Who would look bad then, Crockett or Culver? As far as transparency, why not put a reporter out there and see how often Mr. Culver is at work. He’s never at work on Friday. I think you are being unfair to Ms. Crockett and the Local 1220 members.

Operating expenses

District Superintendent Culver says that Union Local 1220 says we have $30 million in our fund balance. Culver says that’s only enough money for four months of operating expenses. Is he saying it takes $30 million for just four months? That’s $120 million a year. Surely that is entirely wrong. Can someone confirm this?

New complex

As a Belleville taxpayer I want to know when Kurt Artinger is going to invite me into his new complex so I can see what $344,000 in TIF financing from the city looks like, which takes away from our police protection and streets, and I can get a tour with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres like he did in 201, when he showed off what he did with his building so far. We the taxpayers are footing that bill.


I agree with Sheriff Watson on one thing, taxpayers do pay for the mistakes made by his staff: $900,000 would pay for one heck of a lot of training. It seems to me it may be much more than training. Maybe some of the patrolmae and investigators need to find another profession.


I’m pulling up at a stop sign I front of Cahokia High School, on Range Lane at 8:30 this morning and I see a bus driver run the stop sign. Didn’t slow down or nothing. Is this what First Student drivers are taught? Is this the way they protect our children, by Speeding and running stop signs in the Village of Cahokia? What kind of School District do we have?


Commenting on the East St. Louis Teachers strike. Let’s give them their demands this time, after they prove the kids are being helped in this district. Passing tests, getting at least average grades and how many kids are going to school. Are they doing their job? Then maybe meet their demands.

St. Elizabeth’s

With St. Elizabeth’s building their new building in O’Fallon, I hope the city and county officials get together with St. Elizabeth’s to keep the building operating in downtown Belleville. They are still pretty nice buildings. Perhaps opening an Urgent-Care type facility, maybe the VA can look at downtown Belleville.

Pay cut

The East St. Louis teachers can’t get a pay raise, but the superintendent and the administration, each one is making six figures. Why don’t they take a 1 percent cut and give it to the teachers.

Not Kern

Regarding the Comment from Leonard Shores in Belleville, thanking Mark Kern for making pledge allegiance official at the meetings. Kern had nothing to do with this, if you read the article you will find it was Republicans, Cockrell, and a man from Freeburg.


A recent writer is confused on the bureau of labor statistics data. Unemployment means the number of people drawing unemployment benefits. When a worker runs out of unemployment benefits, the bureau of labor statics arbitrarily classifies that individual as no longer seeking employment, even though that individual may still be seeking a job that he is qualified to perform.


I read faithfully the letters to the editor from Roddy Riggs. He appears so often, I suggest that the BND should give him a weekly or daily column. He writes eloquently about his hatreds and his principal hatred is our black president. I wonder what he will do in a year when President Obama leaves office.

Road work

Kudos to the responsible township road crew that recently accomplished the blacktop overlay of about a mile of Bethel Road just north of O’Fallon. It looks and feels great and was accomplished with minimal inconvenience in just a day or two.


I take exception to the sound off caller who said, “Now that homosexuals have won in the political arena, they show no tolerance toward those with different views.” The homosexuals did not win in the political arena. Only two states approved same sex marriage by a vote of the people and seven approved same sex marriage by a vote of the state legislatures. That leaves 41 states that did not approve same sex marriage. It was five unelected Supreme Court judges who forced their morality on the nation without any constitutionals basis.


About the outdoor shooting range: No consideration was given to the residents around the private shooting range in Trenton. All law enforcement officers are allowed to shoot seven days a week starting at 7 in the morning. When this was built why wasn’t there a sound abatement plan included. This is not how I envisioned my retirement years listening to shooting all day.


Hillary wants victims to be able to sue the gun makers when a criminal uses their product to intentionally harm others. That’s plain wrong; however, we should be able to sue parole boards and liberal judges who release criminals who later harm someone.


If the top concern of the $4.8 million in debt Shiloh village is a trustee’s lawn, then the population needs to wake up. What about the robberies, car jackings, shoplifting, abandoned buildings, which all bring the city down. Has anyone seen the former Barn restaurant with its metal wire-covered first floor and broken windows? The city can’t take care of its own property.