Letters to the Editor


Yes, Mr. Pitts, you are nuts. You wrote that Brazil is safe without mass shootings. Well I have firsthand knowledge of Brazil, I’ve been there. Despite a lot of natural beauty and thriving cities, it’s a very violent country and, quite frankly, has criminal gangs that have little regard for life.

The “favelas,” which are extremely poor communities hugging the mountainsides of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, are so dangerous, the well-armed military police often won’t even go into these areas. There are violent armored car attacks almost weekly, using military-grade weapons such as rocket-propelled grenades, to blast open highly armored trucks like a tuna fish can. They kill without regard to gain a little money. There are shootouts in malls and at ATMs.

Mr. Pitts, I get these reports in my email from my colleague in Brazil almost daily. If we had the level of violence here, everyone would be scared to death.

As for Israel, it is a tightly controlled society due to the terrorist threat and “everyone” is pretty much armed in their homes. Mr. Pitts, most murders in the U.S. are “black on black” due to gang- and drug-related violence. Most “mass shootings” are by the mentally ill, which is a different topic for another day. But I agree Canada is very safe — I’ve been there dozens of times and feel much safer in Toronto than in St Louis.

Phil Henning, Smithton