Letters to the Editor


I do not have the answer to the mess this nation is presently in. I believe in capitalism and think it and our Constitution have made America great. That said, I think common sense and logic have to be used in running any country and government, and that is where checks and balances come into play.

The Constitution provides a checks and balances system: legislative, judicial and executive. We, the people, the voters, allowed it to be taken over by a single branch or group, led by greed for money, power and control.

We have allowed too many corporations, unions and the government to become too large. When these entities become too large it reduces competition — corruption and tyranny follows.

We need some large corporations, some sizable unions, and a reasonable sized government, but these sizes and numbers have to be managed by the people, the voters. When all or any one of this group gets too large, they can and do make threats to take total control. This is why we have a Constitution with its amendments, to protect the citizens and their rights and freedoms.

When elected officials receive campaign donations from corporations or special groups, they can easily become corrupted, as favors are sometimes requested.

Voters should vote for the officials’ policies, solutions and leadership qualities, not just for their political party.

It appears at the present time that all three branches of government are being taken over by greed and power.

Lew Hiatt, Belleville